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Headquaters Bolzano

We are Tratter Bolzano

Our core competence is the processing of plastics, which is mainly focused on the automotive sector. Our services range from comprehensive customer consulting to the customized development of plastic parts and their production.


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Over the years, we realized how to understand our customers’ requirements and to meet them with the greatest possible flexibility – in consulting as well as in production. This possibility is above all thanks to constant research and development work within our company.

This approach has given rise to a corporate culture that allows us to grow with the complexity of tasks and faces a high degree of difficulty as an additional motivation. Thus, thanks to innovative standards and production processes, we create unique, safe, and high-quality products







Injection moulding production

6 pcs. Injection moulding machines ENGEL 40 – 110To

4 pcs. Injection moulding machines Wittmann 10 – 50To

1 pc. Boy XS 10To

1 pc. Micropower 15To (incl. video check + SCARA)

1 pcs. 2K aggregate

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Location Bolzano svg+xml;charset=utf


3 pcs. CNC milling machines (5-axis)

1 pc. CNC lathe

1 pc. Dip erosion

1 pc. Grinding machine etc.

1 pc. Sauer Lasertec 40

Laboratory / Measurement

1 pc. Optical and tactile ZEISS measuring machine

1 pc. Tactile ZEISS measuring machine

1 pc. Roughness measuring machine

1 pc. Heat storage furnace

1 pc. Bursting pressure device

2 pcs. Ultimaker 3D printer

1 pc. 3D printer

1 pc. Circuit board milling machine

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Via Waltraud-Gebert-Deeg 10

I-39100 Bolzano

T: +39 0471 064000

F: +39 0471 064041

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Management Team

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Internal training – active support for the Tratter Engineering team

In the period 2020-2022 Tratter carries out a continuous training project addressed to its collaborators.
The project is co-financed by the European Union, ESF, State and Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano and was presented on 5. Notice – Axis 3 Education and Training – Increasing the skills of the workforce through continuous training of the ESF in Bozen/Bolzano.