CO2 neutral since 2016


We want to contribute to the health of our planet and its ecosystems. This is a goal we pursue day after day.

Our contribution to a more sustainable environment

Whether we like it or not, everything we do as humans has an impact on the earth and its various ecosystems. Therefore, what we can do, what we must do, is to keep this impact as low as possible. This is the only way we can contribute to the health of our planet.

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Sustainability svg+xml;charset=utf

Climate neutrality alliance 2025

Accordingly, since May 2016 we have been part of the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025, a group of South Tyrolean companies and institutions working together to achieve clear goals. The most important of these is a noticeable reduction in CO2 emissions.

CO2 savings since 2016


Total savings


Indirect Emissions

Indirect emissions are emissions that occur during production, extraction, transportation, generally on the way to consumption of fuels, electricity, gasoline, diesel, etc.




Direct Emissions

Direct emissions describe only those emissions directly related to plant operation, which are caused by burning biomass or fossil fuels. These include business trips, employee travel, office materials (paper, printed matter), electronic equipment, water consumption, waste, as well as catering for employees, customers and suppliers.

CO2 equivalent



1,5 Mio.



apartments / year