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Mangrove reforestation and promotion of women

23 November 2020 - Ecology

We know that climate-neutral production does not happen overnight, which is why the current CO2 emissions of our company are being offset worldwide with the help of the Climate Neutrality Alliance 2025. This is done on the one hand by climate-conscious acting in our company and on the other hand by means of various projects, such as mangrove reforestation and the advancement of women in Myanmar.

Our incentive is to protect the population from natural disasters and to promote biodiversity by providing healthy mangrove forests. Without measures, the mangrove forests will disappear sooner or later – with corresponding negative consequences for the local population.

The project helps low-income families to restore 2,100 hectares of degraded land. On the one hand, this promotes biodiversity, while on the other hand stabilizing the coast protects the surrounding villages from cyclones and tsunamis. The new source of income reduces poverty among the local population and contributes to the improvement of education, as schools are equipped with solar panels and computers through the project.

A special focus is on strengthening the rights of women, who are trained and supported in activities such as shellfish culture, clothing production and natural textile dyeing. In addition, scholarships are awarded to girls and young women from poor families in the project region so that they can attend school up to university.

What has been achieved so far (as of March 2020):

  • 4,600 people with low incomes benefit from improved quality of life;
  • training and jobs for over 100 planters, over 70 percent of whom are women;
  • 80 fishermen and local consumers benefit from recovered fish stocks;
  • 3 million mangroves have been planted (by 2018)
  • the cooperation with two local universities guarantees the quality of the scientific support.