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At our company, sustainability and environmental protection are of high importance. Therefore, we have implemented numerous measures to ensure that our location in Bolzano is environmentally friendly and contributes to combating climate change.

One of our key initiatives was the installation of a state-of-the-art heat pump. This allows us to efficiently utilize heating and cooling energy while minimizing CO2 emissions. Thanks to this technology, we can create a comfortable working environment without burdening the environment.

In addition, we employ a closed water loop to ensure no water is wasted. This sustainable system enables us to efficiently use water and minimize water consumption, actively contributing to the preservation of this precious resource.

Another important aspect of our sustainability efforts is the utilization of our production machinery for heating and cooling the building. Instead of using separate heating and cooling systems, we have connected the machines in the manufacturing process to the heat pump. This reduces energy consumption and minimizes CO2 emissions.

To further optimize our energy supply, the building features a photovoltaic system. This system is capable of providing electricity to the entire building autonomously on sunny summer days. If the system doesn’t generate enough power, we utilize green energy from the region. By doing so, we make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We at Tratter are proud to have transformed our building into an environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral space. Through the implementation of these measures, we aim to promote a sustainable future and do our part in protecting the environment.