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Visitor Form


    Dear visitors, welcome to Tratter Engineering.

    Ensuring the safety of your visit to our facility is a priority for us. Therefore, we kindly ask you to follow the organizational measures and carefully read this brochure. If you have any questions, please contact your designated person.

    We wish you a pleasant, successful, and, above all, safe stay.

    Safety and Behavioral Rules

    Visitor Form P002 Rauchen verboten 1
    Smoking is prohibited in all areas.
    Visitor Form D P006 Zutritt fuer Unbefugte verboten
    Entering the workshop and touching machines and equipment is strictly forbidden and allowed only with the explicit permission of your contact person! Follow the instructions of your accompanying person.
    Visitor Form P007 kein Zutritt Defibrilatoren
    In areas marked with this symbol, there is a danger and access is restricted for individuals with pacemakers: Inform your contact person if you have a pacemaker.
    Visitor Form P029 Fotografieren verboten
    Filming and photographing machines or facility equipment is not allowed!
    Visitor Form 10332445 mitarbeiter fuhrung linie icon illustration vektor
    During group tours, never separate from the group!
    Stay within the marked pathways when indicated.
    Visitor Form W014 Flurfoerderfahrzeuge
    In the warehouse area, there is a priority for forklifts.
    Always maintain a sufficient safety distance in all situations.
    Visitor Form W015 schwebende Last
    A gantry crane is in operation in the production and workshop areas.
    Please make sure never to be under suspended loads.
    Visitor Form W007 Hindernisse am Boden
    When entering plant areas, there is a risk of impact injuries due to reduced height.
    Additionally, there may be dangers from cables, product residues, and disorderly material storage.
    Please be cautious and attentive.
    Visitor Form M008 Fussschutz benutzen
    Regarding the necessity to wear personal protective equipment, follow the instructions of your accompanying person.

    Emergency Procedures

    Emergency plans and instructions for behavior in case of fire and first aid are posted in the main entrance, as well as on various floors and in the production area.

    Please take the time to carefully review these notices.

    Visitor Form E007 Sammelstelle
    In the event of a building evacuation during an emergency, all individuals must gather at the designated assembly point and await further instructions from emergency personnel. Please follow the emergency exit signs in case of an emergency.
    Visitor Form E003 Erste Hilfe
    First aid kits are provided throughout the entire premises.
    Their locations are marked on the evacuation plans.
    Visitor Form E004 Notruftelefon
    In case of an emergency, contact emergency services at the following number: 112
    Provide the following information: Who is reporting, What happened and Where, How many are injured, What type of injuries.
    Visitor Form F001 Feuerloescher
    Fire extinguishers and hoses are available throughout the entire factory grounds.
    Their locations are marked on the evacuation plans.

    Data Protection Information according to Article 13 EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR):


    Your data is mandatory for us according to Article 6 of the EU Regulation 2016/679.

    The legal basis for this is specified in Article 6, paragraph 1, letters a & c.


    Our commissioned employees, both in reception and IT, process your data for a period of 365 days, taking into account the storage limitation specified in Article 13, paragraph 2, letter a. Personal data is disclosed to third parties only in certain cases under Article 13, paragraph 1, letter d, for example, when necessary for the provision of requested services or required by law.


    Responsible for data processing is the client Tratter Engineering Srl with headquarters in 39100 Bolzano, Waltraud Gebert-Deegstr. 10.


    According to Articles 77-79 of the EU Regulation 2016/679, complaints can be addressed, among others, to Garanteprivacy or to the Administrative Court in Bolzano.


    Further information and the exercise of your rights to correction, access, deletion, restriction, objection, and data portability can be requested from the responsible party, Tratter Engineering Srl, Waltraud-Gebert-Deeg Straße 10, 39100 Bolzano, via email at Our employees are appropriately trained and check requests daily.


    You can find more information here.