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Creating a prototype is a bit like playing

23 November 2018 - Career

“Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” goes a famous saying. Without a doubt, being able to combine passion and work is a great way for staying always motivated and never feeling frustrated at work.

For all of us, working at Tratter means precisely this: being able to put together our passions and work, finding the synergies among them. Without a doubt, this is one of the keys to our success as a company.

Of all the things we deal with, creating prototypes is certainly one of the most fun. Because, it must be said, prototyping is one of those activities that make you feel as a child again. Do you remember that feeling of infinite combinations and possibilities you experienced as a kid, in front of a Lego set? That sums it all up.

When we build a prototype for one of our customers, we still experience those feelings, and it seems a bit like going back to childhood. All in all, creating a prototype is a bit like playing.
Like in a game, if you want to do something at its best, you definitely need one part collaboration, one part curiosity and, above all, a great desire to learn and explore territories never trod before.

Only by doing so can we offer our customers innovative solutions and make their best ideas take shape. Because, when we create our prototypes, we put all our extensive business experience into each one of them. It is thus that we manage to complete each processing quickly and with the fewest differences relative to standard products.

This is why our prototypes can be used to carry out reliable trials and tests, both for quality and safety purposes.

Not bad, for child’s play!