Mini Wallet - Mondraghi Foto

Mondraghi is a compact and stylish mini wallet that can hold up to nine credit cards. Due to the special shape of the anodized aluminum frame, the cards are blocked with an audible “click” and by means of an integrated anti-slip system prevents accidental slipping out.

The mini wallet is equipped with a specially made RFID Blocker. This ensures that data can not be easily stolen. Furthermore, the clip attached to the RFID securely clamps the banknotes so that they cannot simply fall out.

The challenge with this product was to manufacture the finished part within a single fully autonomous process.

To enable manufacturing within a single process, a complex 2K index and locking slide tool was designed and manufactured. The first manufacturing step consists of injecting the hard component of the clip, onto which the rubber lip is subsequently injected by releasing a locking slide. This semi-finished part is overmolded with the RFID card by rotating the complete mold in the next manufacturing step.

The RFID cards are inserted and removed fully automatically by a handling system.

Mini Wallet - Mondraghi svg+xml;charset=utf
Mini Wallet - Mondraghi svg+xml;charset=utf