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The creation of different types of small and large component series is one of the most important activities for our company. Extremely dynamic production and a great deal of flexibility are required in order to offer the widest variety in the production of this type of products.

This is because the challenges posed by each project can be very different from each other and therefore require a great ability to adapt to different situations. It is only by reasoning in this way that we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality components, made using the best thermoplastic materials, and accompany each supply with the relative and necessary validations and certifications.

However, for us, dynamism and flexibility are much more than just a declaration of intent. The entire company is built on these two pillars; and when we say built, we do not mean this only in figurative terms.

In fact, the premises of Tratter’s headquarters have been designed specifically to support this productive attitude. This is how a building with dynamic volumes was constructed, capable of transmitting a sense of great energy to those who work in it and, at the same time, areas were designed to adapt to the most diverse needs, marking a break with all forms of rigidity.

All this communicates a sense of great importance to each employee and manages to transmit our result oriented, extremely flexible corporate culture from the first moment that they set foot in the company.

This is Tratter!