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How we created our intranet

10 September 2019 - Milestones

In 2018, we designed and installed our intranet. We had wanted to create a network within the company for a very long time, to provide all our employees with a useful, versatile communication tool. We believe that the same care and attention we put into every client’s project should also go into internal company projects. Only by working this way can we continue to grow and improve.

This project could have been approached from many angles. For example, we could have hired a specialist company to install our internal network. But this was not the solution we chose. While we certainly appreciate the work of professionals, we believe that there are things worth doing ourselves in order to fully understand them and have total control over the end product.

We decided that the intranet was one of those things, so we gave ourselves the task of designing and installing it ourselves. The first thing we did was some research. You should never start a job without first understanding the what, the how and the why.

So we sat down in front of our computers and, with the help of Google, we selected the software that was the best match for our requirements. We chose Microsoft SharePoint, a content management system that had all the features and functionalities we needed.

After identifying the software that was right for us, we had to learn how to use it. YouTube was a great help. There are a huge number of video tutorials dedicated to SharePoint on the popular video streaming platform.

We watched a lot of them and were able to acquire the skills necessary to install and use the software. Obviously it was not easy. We made some mistakes, had several false starts but, in the end, we managed to get everything working.

Our intranet has been operational for several months now, and all our employees are using it and finding it really beneficial. The lesson we have learned from this project is simple and very representative of our approach to work: that there are no obstacles that cannot be overcome with careful planning and by taking the time to do thorough research.