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The Hi5 is a versatile and handy ‘miniature incubator’ for cell cultures. It is the best choice for long-term live cell observations and cell studies directly at the microscope. After a maximum setup time of 2 minutes, the Hi5 maintains perfectly equilibrated and stable culture conditions for days. The unique design provides exceptional temperature homogeneity at minimal gas consumption rates and creates an environment suitable for cell culture.

Our innovation

For live cell observation, sample chambers with transparent bottom are required. These sample chambers, also known as cell culture containers, are manufactured by us from transparent plastic, generally polystyrene, by injection moulding. Adhesion and growth of the cells is accelerated by a subsequent plasma treatment.

For high-resolution optical observation methods such as transmitted light microscopy, fluorescence microscopy and confocal microscopy, sample chambers with glass bottoms and dyed plastic coating are also required. The glass bottoms consist of very thin cover glass. Our proprietary process innovation consists of the overmolding of the cover glass without breakage. With our versatile technical know-how and systematic approach, we have succeeded in doing this perfectly.