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Perfusion Sytems to Go

9 December 2020 - Solutions

Perfusion cultures, i.e. systems that provide cells with living conditions similar to body tissue, are usually technically complex. They rarely allow a high sample turnover and are very expensive. Their application has so far been limited to small formats and is only used in a few laboratories. There is scientific consensus that perfusion cultures would be the method of choice for testing new drugs. Currently, there is still a long way to go before current perfusion systems can be compared with each other in a standardized way.

What the Hipergo can do

HiPERGO is the creative answer to one of the great challenges of modern cell biology. Within seconds, this patented disposable product transforms conventional cell culture dishes into an advanced perfusion system – under defined growth conditions. This is guaranteed by the revolutionary design of the perfusion lid. Two counter-rotating spirals provide the cells with a gradient-free nutrient supply without shear stress. Time-consuming assembly, sterilization and inoculation of complex perfusion chambers is no longer necessary.

Our innovation

As a production specialist with great experience in precision injection molding of complex parts, it was our task to implement the spiral geometry and the supply connections in a process-engineering manner so that the flow along the counter-rotating spirals and the diffusion between the spiral webs and our Petri dish allows a homogeneous distribution of nutrients and excretion products. The complete system “Perfusion lid with Petri dish” had to be additionally liquid-tight at the outer edge of the connection of both parts. We were able to master these challenges with our highly qualified personnel in the areas of toolmaking, injection molding technology, research and development, and also acquire know-how for future plastic applications in the medical technology sector.