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The challenge

Pipette tips can be purchased packaged in different ways: 96x already in their box, 96x with carrier part/grid as a refill unit or as the cheapest version loose in a bag. The TipCube has chosen exactly this variant. The smartest solution to bring pipettes cheap, fast and sustainable in their reusable boxes.

The TipCube

The innovative, unique, and worldwide patented machine simply takes over the tedious work of manual filling. The specially designed boxes are high quality and robust at the same time, stackable and more than 50x autoclavable and reusable.

Pipette tips of the most popular bran from 0.1 to 300 µl can be easily filled into the specially designed carrier parts/grids.

… Not quite easy to the tip

After more than 2 years of internal intensive research and development, after countless tests, evaluations, improvements, modifications, optimizations, test runs and 7 prototypes, we are now ready to launch sales with the first machines.

A not so easy task, which we have set ourselves: Functional principles, concepts and design, mechanics, control, firmware and control software, graphics and interface, magnetic limit switches, laser and inductive sensors, stepper motors, milling, turning, sheet metal parts and much more have finally resulted in a product that not only looks good, but also does its job reliably.

A high-tech machine that has nothing to hide behind its transparent front door and allows a view of its sophisticated components at any time. The pull-out turntable on which 8 boxes can be placed; the pull-out drum drive; the pipette tip drum with transparent plastic disc; the conveyor unit as the heart of the machine and the cross slide with its box gripper which inexorably opens the lid, moves the box upwards, carefully fills the pipette tips, moves down again, closes the lid and then places the box safely back on the turntable.

A machine that fills a box in less than 120 seconds. The TipScanner, located below the touch display, automatically detects the pipette tips to be filled and forwards this information to the control unit so that the