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Whether racing, motorcycling, cycling, triathlon, table tennis or volleyball, their essence stays the same. Many of our colleagues love practising sports for many different reasons.

There are those who do it to keep fit, those to test themselves, those to have fun and then those who just have to keep themselves busy. After all, sport, in all its forms, is one of the hobbies that people love the most.

And here it’s not so much about competition and the will to excel. It is more the desire to prove to oneself that it can be done, that sheer will can effectively overcome all obstacles.
In short, practising sport is often a matter of constancy and dedication.

Constancy because no one could achieve remarkable results without constant and lasting training. Dedication because it is only thanks to an iron willpower that one’s goals can be achieved.
Constancy and dedication are also two founding pillars of our company. Because it is with the conviction that we can become great that we have grown to become what we are today; constancy. To do this we put into the company, day after day, all the dedication we were capable of.

That’s why, for Tratter, sport is so important. Because it teaches values ​​that we carry forward every day as a company.