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There are many important moments in the life of the company. The start of an ambitious project, the delivery of a successful product, the infinite possibilities we face when designing something. In terms of importance, among all these special moments a prominent place is reserved for one that is more related to everyday life.

We are talking about the lunch break, a real pivotal moment for all colleagues. At Tratter, we want the lunch break to be not just a moment of detachment, dictated by a biological necessity.

We do everything to make sure that lunch is a moment of relaxation, of conviviality, where people can meet and share a bit of the time they spend at the company. The practical company kitchen is the perfect place for giving this connotation to the lunch break.

Thus, it often happens that we find ourselves among colleagues sharing a meal together. Preparation is always a matter of team spirit. Colleagues take it in turn to act as chef and propose a dish to prepare.

But others are not sitting by idly. One slices onions for the sauté, another sets the table, yet another controls cooking times; then there are those who, instead of just sitting back with their arms folded, lighten the work of others with funny anecdotes or jokes.

The result is a pleasant lunch break, to be spent in company with colleagues, which becomes the ideal moment for re-launching the day with enthusiasm, creating the ideal conditions for achieving everyone’s daily goals.

This willingness, this desire to collaborate with others, is a hallmark of our company. At Tratter, you breathe collaboration from the very first moment. It is with this spirit that we support all our customers, in all their projects.

Only in this way, animated by a great spirit of collaboration, are we able to develop their ideas and optimise them in technically sophisticated ways.