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From the hand to the handle, and back

23 November 2018 - Milestones

In his writings on technology, the German philosopher Martin Heidegger focuses on a very common object: a hammer. When we use it, it reflects the great thinker, the hammer stops being an object separate from us. It becomes an extension of our body, a prosthesis in which we project ourselves to fulfil a certain purpose.

This complicity, this connection between person and object, is exactly the same that guarantees the success of a table tennis player. Think about it: isn’t the perfect integration of the athlete’s racket, hand, arm and body the true guarantee of the player’s success?

We often ask ourselves this question, because Tratter is home to many passionate employees who gather round the table tennis table to compete in exciting matches, fought to the last point.
Moments of relaxation and sharing that have taught us a fundamental truth for our work: to be effective, every tool must sit perfectly in the hand of the user. It is only in this way that we can use it to its fullest potential. Exactly like a perfectly calibrated table tennis racket.

This is a lesson we have learned through experience and that we apply every day in our work. In particular, we like to think that this relationship between tool and person, characterised by their perfect symbiosis, is the same that we seek whenever we manufacture a mould for our customers.

Moulds are one of our most enduring products. We have been producing them for our customers since the 1980s. A multi-year experience that allows us to work on a large number of different moulds, and has enabled us to develop a thorough knowledge of all materials currently in use.

All this is put to good use following very high manufacturing standards. We start with the choice of the best steels and continue up to the most complicated photo-engravings. In this way, we can provide complete production-ready mould packages to those who choose us as a partner.

Moulds able to adapt perfectly to their materials, able to create products so perfect as to recall the ease with which a table tennis racket sits in the player’s hand before scoring the decisive point for victory.