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A place for people

23 November 2018 - Career

Ever since it was founded, we have always set ourselves the goal that Tratter would be a company of excellence, capable of offering the best to all employees who work there. Thus, we have striven to create processes that can always guarantee the highest quality to all customers but, at the same time, we are committed to creating a pleasant work environment, able to best enhance the strengths of each of our employees.

Principles that we have included in the manual that all employee receive when they join the company, and that we have followed to the letter, including when we decided to design the current company headquarters.

Inaugurated in 2017, Tratter’s headquarters were designed by Bolzano-based architects Stefano Mattei and Ivan Larcher with the aim of building a place for people, capable of guaranteeing the comfort needed to work well, and enhance the skills and ideas of each employee.

To do this, we paid attention to every detail, even the smallest ones. From floors to furniture, from walls to lighting, everything has been designed to improve the well-being of people.

In this way, we have favoured large and comfortable spaces, creating numerous areas that encourage relaxation and sharing among employees. The latter is also encouraged through the use of large open spaces where individual departments can easily collaborate with each other. These are alternated with smaller areas, real islands dedicated to communication among employees.

Great attention has also been placed on acoustics and lighting. We have worked hard on the latter, choosing to create an external surface featuring large windows, able to illuminate the interior of the company building with natural light.

We are thus sure of having made a practical, functional and comfortable workplace available to our employees and all the collaborators who join the company in the future.