Industrial control and development card for everyone

Monsterrhino is a platform developed by Tratter that combines various hardware and software components in a meaningful way and thus significantly simplifies the control of stepper motors, limit switches and other electronic functions.

Monsterrhino Motion

Monsterrhino Motion is an independent stepper motor controller.

It can run 4 stepper motors at once – in parallel. The powerful MCU combined with our advanced firmware (multitasking capable – up to 6 user tasks) allows you to control stepper motors in the most simple way – you can program it with the Arduino IDE or with more advanced IDEs. Our firmware allows you to programm the card at a high level e.g. you tell the motor to rotate continuously, make a 100 steps, etc. Further key features are limit switch connectors for each motor, encoder connectors, digital sensor inputs and digital/analog outputs. The CAN interface offers reliable high performance communication with other devices such as Monsterrhino Motion, Raspberry Pi, Arduino and many more.


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Monsterrhino Control

Monsterrhino Power is a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B extension board adding a CAN interface to communicate with the Monsterrhino Motion. Further key features include power supply for the Raspberry Pi, display connector for 5” touch screen, emergency power Off connectors, 12 VDC and 24 VDC output, restart button for the Raspberry Pi (it does the power cutting for you), and connector for Monsterrhino RGB LEDs. The Monsterrhino Control runs on 24 VDC.


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Monsterrhino RGB LED

Monsterrhino RGB LED is an intelligent RGB led with four pixels. With only three wires you can control the color and state of each pixel separately. More of these cards can be put in series.


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Monsterrhino Hall Sensor

Monsterrhino Hall Sensor is a magnetic limit switch. It reacts to a south pole of a magnet. A built-in led indicates the switch state. The contactless switching offers a long life expectancy. It´s enclosed in a sealed polypropylene body with industrial dimensions and an M3 mounting hole. The Monsterrhino Hall Sensor runs with voltages from 3.3VDC up to 24VDC.


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