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Spaces for opening the mind

23 November 2018 - Career

Great insights need adequate spaces for developing at their best. This is why, when we designed our new headquarters, we focused on creating spaces where ideas can be developed and circulated freely.

Among the many spaces designed for this purpose, the large terrace is perhaps one of the most striking. Overlooking the landscape of the Adige valley, it offers a splendid view of the orchards of lower Adige and Monte di Mezzo.

We often happen to find colleagues talking about the details of a project or, more simply, taking a break to freshen up before getting back to work.
How can you blame them!

After all, from here you can admire the spectacle of nature in every season. The blooming apple trees that transform the valley bottom into a white carpet dotted with colours, the intense green of summer, the fiery palette of autumn and, when all goes well, orchards covered with snow during the winter.

A privilege that only a few companies can offer their collaborators and that we at Tratter greatly appreciate.