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Team building with taste

23 November 2018 - Career

Working in a context like that of Tratter requires great effort and maximum concentration. Customers are high-profile, they expect the best from us and our goal is to satisfy them in full.

All of this is very rewarding but, let’s face it, also very stressful. So, every so often, it happens that tensions created at work are vented in relations among colleagues. It should not happen, but it does.

Obviously if there is professional esteem and respect, the small inconveniences and tensions of everyday life are resolved calmly. One of the “tastiest” ways of doing so is undoubtedly to seat colleagues among whom there has been some friction round a table. Picture the scene.

A group of colleagues is busy round the stove: someone is cooking, another is laying the table, someone else is going into issues of work which, given the scent of food cooking in the background, seem much simpler than in front of a PC screen.

In the end everyone eats, chats and shares a moment in the company of the others. The link among people is strengthened and the differences that previously seemed insurmountable now seem unimportant.

It has to be said, a lunch in company is the perfect occasion for smoothing out differences and leaping back into work. The kitchen available to headquarters is the stage where most of these stories are acted out.

Is this why it is one of the best loved places in the whole company?