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The right distance: because it is important to leave space for the salad

23 November 2018 - Career

Taking care of a vegetable garden is often a matter of precision. Let’s take the example of salad, to grow well a lettuce seedling needs the right amount of space. The space ensures the correct exposure to light and a perfect balance of nutrients, not too many nor too few.

Planting the salad is, therefore, a matter of space. Ask each individual gardener and they will all give you their perfect formula. A perfect span, a span and a half, just less than a span depending on the cases and habits. However, if the details of the distance are up for discussion, what is not up for discussion is that a little space between one seedling and the other is essential for their proper development.

But the difficulties do not end there. Once planted, our lettuces must be taken care of, day by day. Only in this way is it possible to keep an eye on the development of the salad and make sure that, once cultivated, it will be of the best possible quality.

Cultivating a vegetable garden proves to be, underneath, an activity involving attention, care and precision. At this point you may have understood one of the reasons why we have created a small garden available to employees here at Tratter.

It is not just a matter of offering our employees fresh, genuine vegetables during the summer, but also of having available a place where the principles on which the company is founded can be put to use in an environment other than that of work.

Precision, care and attention to details are the elements that we put into our every project. Ingredients that are never be lacking in any of the products and work we do for our customers.

It is only thanks to them that we can guarantee to those who choose us as partners maximum production quality, which is obtained thanks to precise validation and evaluation processes. Processes that are only apparently simple, in just the same way that growing a salad seedling may seem simple.

Every day that we spend in the company teaches us that, on the contrary, it takes great care and attention to ensure that even the most minute and trivial things attain perfect quality.